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Turn your Zapper Kit into a Dial-A-Zap


If you are interested in experimenting further with our Hulda Clark Zapper Breadboard Kit, it is quite easy to turn the circuit into a device we call a Dial-A-Zap. By adding a 1 Meg Ohm Linear Taper Potentiometer to the circuit, the user can adjust the output to vary the frequency from 150 Hz to 300,000 Hz, with many frequencies in between.

If you have already built the 30 kHz version of the Breadboard Kit, all you would have to do is remove the (Yellow-Violet-Red-Gold) 4.7K ohm resistor found on the Breadboard at G9-J10, and replace it with the 1 Meg Pot to have a variable output. Each potentiometer will also need a big plastic knob to make it easy to control the frequency. You can get Potentiometer and Knob from Radio Shack. Shaft on potentiometer fits through a 5/16 inch hole and you cut the shaft to length to fit the container that holds your final project.

In order to read the output on your Dial-A-Zap, one will need a Multimeter with Hz setting to act as a digital frequency counter (available at Radio Shack for about $50). Use alligator leads to connect the circuit outputs to copper pipes, and connect the multimeter to the pipes as well. This way you can read the frequency output on the multimeter (set multimeter to Hz setting). This is one of the most cost effective ways to have a nice little battery operated frequency generator without spending $500 or more.

1M Pot & Knob

Order a Zapper Kit:
Hulda Clark Breadboard Kit

Copper Pipes

Optional 1N914 Switching Diode to protect circuit

Order from Radio Shack:
1 Meg Ohm Linear Taper Potentiometer

Large Knob

Plastic Project Enclosure

Multi Meter with Hz Setting

Another way to create variable frequency output using your breadboard zapper is to exchange the 4.7k resistor with other resistors. Here is a free PDF chart of which resistor to use in order to convert the breadboard to various frequencies to help guide you.

The Hulda Clark Zapper has not been licensed as a medical device by the US FDA. Zapper Kit is sold as an educational tool only, no medical claims are intended by the sale of these electronic parts. Our Zapper Kit is a great project for a school science fair, or to learn the basics of building simple electronics.

Please note that when ordering electronic parts and kits we can assume no liability on the customer's ability to use them. Safety, craftsmanship, experience, and ability are the user's responsibility.

Electronic parts are small and fragile. We can not offer refunds or replacements on electronic parts. Buy electronic parts and kits only if you believe you can accomplish the work. If you experience difficulty with your build, or have little experience in electronics, please order replacement parts along with your kit.

The 555 CMOS Timer is the most likely part to need replacement, so it may be smart to order extras when building a kit.

The 555 CMOS Timer is vulnerable to static electricity. If you walk on a carpeted floor and the 555 receives a static shock it may burn out and need replacement.

555 CMOS Timers are sold separately for those who want to have several at hand during a kit build, or to troubleshoot a circuit that is not working. If you are new to electronics, or just want to be cost effective, you may want to purchase extra 555 CMOS Timers when building your first kit. We can not offer refunds or replacements on electronic parts.

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